Since introducing its latest product to the industry, distributors of Sticklers® Fibre Optic Cleaning Products have reported an interest in the innovative new precision cleaning kit, OPTIXX™ due to its outstanding cleaning abilities.

In just a short time OPTIXX™ Precision Lens and Instrument Screen Cleaning Kit has gained interest from distributors wishing to stock the product. One such distributor, Ridgemount Technologies, representatives of Sticklers® Fibre Optic Cleaning products for the past three years, exhibited OPTIXX™ for the first time at the UK’s showcase event dedicated to photonics, applied optical equipment, biophotonics, fibre optics, lasers, vision and light – Photonex in Coventry.

Chris Peters, Managing Director of Ridgemount Technologies, said: “As well as stocking the full range of Sticklers® Fibre Optic Cleaning Products we have adopted the OPTIXX™ high purity lens cleaner for our own manufacturing facilities.  The OPTIXX™ cleaner is supplied in a unique pump dispenser making it simple to apply. It leaves no residue or marks on the lens surface, making it ideal for our BioLite range of collimators and probes. 

“Cleanliness in the optical path correlates directly to the optical power transmitted and this continues to be an ever increasing issue for both UV bio-medical applications and fibre optic communications systems. OPTIXX™ resolves this issue and leaves appliances clean.”

Scott Wells, European Business Development Manager for MicroCare®, manufacturer of Sticklers® Fibre Optic Cleaning Products said: “Our distributors have been really impressed with OPTIXX™ Precision Lens and Instrument Screen Cleaning Kit.

“Since launching the product just a few months ago we have gained interest from new companies wishing to distribute OPTIXX™ as well as our other ranges. This interest is very encouraging and shows that the products we are developing are what the marketplace are looking for.”
OPTIXX™ Precision Lens and Instrument Screen Cleaning Kit is easy to use and has outstanding cleaning capabilities. The kit includes specially designed optical-grade, lint-free wipes which have been engineered to remove all types of contamination making surfaces shed dust and particles without any topical coating.

The dispenser contains 100 of the OPTIXX™ optical-grade, lint-free wipes which are static dissipating, non-tearing, non-abrasive and exceed federal standard A-A-50177B Type 1, Class 4 spec for optical grade wipes.

The non-pressurized, metered volume dispenser of the non-flammable OPTIXX™ optical-grade high-purity cleaning fluid, packaged in a hermetically sealed volume dispenser allows transportation as non-hazardous and non-regulated, making for easy shipment to anywhere in the world. When used together with the wipes, they provide the industry’s most advanced optical cleaning solution ensuring perfectly clean precision lens and instrument screens.

Sticklers® Fibre Optic Cleaning Products are specified and widely used for fibre splices, jumpers and connectors in a wide range of market segments from telecommunications, defence, medical, cable and engineering industries.

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