BPM Microsystems最新激光打标软件功能提高了可追溯性

BPM Microsystems announces that with the release of BPWin version 5.32.0, automated system users now have the option to laser mark their devices with the programming socket location for improved traceability and quality assurance.  

By downloading the latest BPWin software release, 3000 and 4000 series users with a laser marker can mark an additional line of text that specifies the programming socket location. This feature can help trace the programmed device back to the specific programming socket location for improved traceability and quality assurance. The socket location laser mark feature is an enhancement over previous software versions that allowed customers to mark serial numbers and date and time.

BPM Microsystems is committed to providing its customers with the best user experience possible. The company adds new software features to each full software release to ensure its customers receive continuous improvements.

Additional software features released in BPWin 5.32.0 can be found in the software release notes located under the Help menu of BPWin and at www.bpmmicro.com.

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