Engineered Material Systems 推出新的焊线密封剂和柔性电路粘接

Engineered Material Systems, a leading global supplier of electronic materials for circuit assembly applications, announces the debut of its 357-284 Wire Bond Encapsulant and Flexible Circuit Bonding Adhesive for printer head and circuit assembly applications.

This new encapsulant/adhesive is designed to protect wire bonds and reduce stresses associated with thermal cycling. This material has excellent chemical resistance to inks.

The 357-284 adhesive/encapsulant has very high fracture toughness and adhesion to flexible circuits, FR4 and metal substrates. 357-284 meets circuit assembly and semiconductor standards for ionic cleanliness (extractable ions) to prevent corrosion in high temperature and humidity environments. 357-284 is the latest addition to Engineered Material Systems’ extensive line of electronic materials for semiconductor, circuit assembly, photovoltaic, printer head, camera module, disk drive, printed electronic and photonic applications.

For more information about the 357-284 encapsulant/adhesive or to learn how Engineered Material Systems can define, develop and create an engineered material solution that is right for your company, visit

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