Libra Industries回流焊AOI最新技术升级

Libra Industries, a privately held electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, today announced that is has completed the installation of a new Omron VT-S730 3D Post Reflow AOI system at its Dallas, TX facility. The company now can certify itsSMT production with full IPC standard compliance using Omron’s new 3D-SJI technology. 

With the new 3D-SJI combo technology, Libra Industries can use the VT-S730 to easily detect lifted lead, lifted component and component coplanarity, and provide high-quality solder joint inspection. Libra Industries will implement the new high-performance, high-speed inspection system to provide its customers with high-quality SMT production.

The VT-S730 features color highlight™ 3D solder shape reconstruction technology, as well as specific phase shift inspection technology that makes it a highly efficient inspection system. This is notjust another phase shift machine – it is much more than that, and the inspection capability is amongst the highest available on the market today.


Libra Industries continues investing to provide customized manufacturing solutions to help make its customers more competitive and improve their profitability. For more information,

About Libra Industries

Libra Industries is a leading provider of integrated Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), serving OEMs with complex or technologically sophisticated manufacturing requirements in a broad range of industries including industrial automation, medical, military and aerospace, instrumentation and LED lighting. Five world-class manufacturing facilities allow Libra Industries to provide customers with manufacturing flexibility including complete system build, module and subassembly production, as well as simple to complex PC board assembly. With an ongoing commitment to investment in people, quality systems, and the latest manufacturing equipment and processes, Libra Industries is committed to managing their clients’ products from initial design and prototype to full production; assisting their clients in their efforts to improve time to market, reduce total systems cost, and increase quality.

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